Meet Erin Smith, Founder of Cultivating Connections Travel Planners

Shakespeare. Keats. Bronte. Joyce. 


Some high schoolers rolled their eyes at having to read “the greats”—but not me! I devoured them all. 


So when I got the chance to travel to the birthplace of my literary obsessions on my school’s field trip to Europe when I was a teen, I was thrilled. We toured all over England, Wales, Ireland, and France, visiting the settings of my favorite novels. 


I remember walking through the Bronte home in the bleak English moors, the only color around the purple of the heather. The breathtakingly beautiful—and desolate—landscape mirrored Heathcliff’s manor in Emily Bronte’s most famous novel, Wuthering Heights. I felt like I was walking right into the pages of the book!


Of course, it was fun to traipse through Europe with all my friends. But what was so cool about this trip was how these books came alive for me in a way I never would have experienced if I stayed within the walls of our classroom back home. 


It’s no surprise that this trip sparked my lifelong love of historical fiction … and, of course, travel! 

Where Passion Meets Connection


I had this trip in mind when I started Cultivating Connections Travel Planners. How often do we get to step outside of our daily routines and really dive into what sets our souls on fire? 


That’s where travel comes in. On our vacations, we pause and give ourselves time to explore, and chances to venture outside of our comfort zones. Now, imagine if you spent your vacation on a seamless trip designed to take you deeper. That’s what I’m here for! Through CCTP, I connect you to your passions … and to the people you most want to share them with.


Whether that’s a guided journey to Scotland to walk in the footsteps of the historical hunks of Outlander (I’m a diehard fan!), or a guided trip through Tuscany where the warm conversation flows as freely as the wine, I’m here to make sure you’re able to cultivate connections to the passions—and the people—that matter most to you.


So tell me: What passions do you want to explore?


I invite you to book your complimentary planning call with me so I can learn more about your group’s passions, or browse our collection of CC Signature Tours—I’d love to have you join. 

Erin’s 5 Fast Facts


  1. I’m a certified yoga instructor and love to unwind with some Downward Dog (when I can find the time!)

  2. I grew up in a tiny town in Hawaii, and I now live in a small town in Oklahoma—so I know how important it is to travel beyond your own borders!

  3. When I’m not planning travel, you can find me enjoying a bottle (or two) of red wine with my husband or cheering on my son at his baseball games.

  4. My most recent favorite destination? New Orleans (the ghost tour won me over). On my bucket list? Germany

  5. Besides my travel business, my other two “babies” are my Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Juma and Mila—and I still consider my 6’3” son my “baby” as well!


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