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Effortless Group Journeys for Passionate Travelers

Imagine: Touching down in the airport and being greeted by your private tour guide at the gate, who grabs your bags and meets you and your travel companions with a smile. 

Imagine: Checking into your hotel and feeling like your room was tailor-made to your tastes, from the perfect downtown location to the stylish and quirky décor. 

Imagine: Finally putting you and your passions first again. 

When you work with Cultivating Connections, you don’t have to imagine. My custom itineraries and guided trips are designed with your passions in mind. I use my travel industry connections to get you VIP access, exceptional service, and—always!—the absolute best value for your trip. 

And since group travel can quickly become a logistical nightmare … I take care of all the logistics for you. Spend the days before your trip packing in peace, instead of pulling your hair out trying to remember if you’ve booked the right flight, the right hotel, the right transfers—and whether your travel companions have done the same! It’s time to experience group travel the easy, effortless way.

Custom Group Getaways

Take your passions out of the classroom, the work space, the coffee shop—and into the big, wide world they sprang from! I work with group leaders and business owners to craft group journeys that bring their followers together on a passion-driven deep dive. Let me design a trip that turns your group members into thick-as-thieves friends, or your clients into your biggest fans. 

Cultivating Connections
Signature Tours


Join me on a guided trip to destinations that light up your imagination—all you have to do is pack your bags! CC Signature Tours are built around a specific theme—like wine and food, yoga, literature, or even iconic films—so you can explore what you really care about. Most importantly, you’ll get to connect with other like-minded travelers who geek out over the same stuff you do! Your most treasured souvenir from a CC trip? Strong bonds with new friends who really “get it.” 


"Erin worked with us to plan our perfect trip to Japan. It was our first international trip, so naturally, we had a lot of questions. Erin was so patient and kind with us throughout the process. She really took the time to listen to our requests and she planned our trip accordingly."


girls trip, group travel, travel advisor, affinity groups, cultivating connections travel planners, erin smith, luxury travel, empty nesters


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