From time-traveling hijinks to dramatic battles, the historical romance Outlander always keeps the reader turning the pages (or glued to the screen, if you watch the series!). 

But the real star of the show just may be the beautiful Scottish countryside, where the story takes place. 


Experience Outlander come to life on a journey through Scotland’s most bewitching landscapes. Explore castles and countryside that inspired the novel, and let this enchanting country leave an indelible mark on your soul.


  • Scotland is home to nearly 5.5 million people and, at 30,918 square miles, it’s roughly the size of South Carolina—so it’s easy to explore!


  • It’s best to visit Scotland in the Spring and Fall, when the chance of rain—and crowds—is lower


  • Since it is a part of the U.K., Scotland uses the British Pound


  • Edinburgh Castle: Rising high above the charming Old Town, Edinburgh Castle is the true gem of Scotland’s vibrant capital city. Step back in time as you stroll through the fortifications, retracing the steps of kings, queens, soldiers, and even pirates. 


  • Loch Ness: Cruise around the most famous lake in Scotland—and keep your eyes peeled for Nessie! On the banks of the loch, you can explore the ruins of Uruquhart Castle, one of the largest castles in Scotland. The ruins date all the way back to the 13th century. 


  • Scottish Highlands: This breathtaking mountainous region captures the best of rural Scotland. Traverse through the spellbinding scenery of Glen Coe, dotted with waterfalls and lakes, then stop at Doune Castle, the filming location for the Outlander TV series (as well as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Game of Thrones!). 


  • Perthshire Countryside: Though not as well known as the Scottish Highlands, the Perthshire countryside is no less beguiling. Walk the cobblestone streets of the Perthshire village of Falkland and you may get the feeling you’ve been here before … the charming village is used as the stand-in for 1960s Inverness on Outlander! 


  • Castle Leod: Romance abounds amid the stunning gardens and handsomely appointed rooms at Castle Leod—which has been in the same family, clan Mackenzie, for over 500 years. The well-preserved castle in Inverness was the inspiration for Outlander’s Castle Leoch. 


  • Dunalastair Estate: Another must-see Outlander filming location, this countryside estate is about as idyllic as Scotland can get. Fields of heather, grazing sheep, and wild red grouse on the moors are just some of the rural sights that await you. You can even stay overnight in one of the estate’s historic cottages. 


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