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Re-Discover Your Passions, Wherever in the World They Take You! 


Empty Nesters 

  Group Travel  



Channel your inner Jane Austen as you explore the thatched-roof cottages of the Cotswolds in England on a replenishing solo journey …


Hike beneath tumbling waterfalls and zipline through the treetops in Costa Rica with your family, as you all reunite during your kids’ college spring break … 


Roll past rows of vines hanging heavy with ripe fruit on a long-overdue romantic river cruise through France with your spouse … 


At Cultivating Connections Travel Planners, we work with empty nesters and retirees to design travel experiences that fill your life with meaning, joy, and discovery. Experience incredible landscapes, cultivate your deepest passions, and connect with the loved ones you want to share it all with—now that you finally have the time to do it all. 


The Top 10 Trips to Take with Your High Schoolers Giving Them GREAT College Essay Material and Life Skills

Want to embark on a dream trip that truly “wows”? Download our inspiring free guide to discover:


  • The wildest hotel stay in all of Africa (and which creatures made it Instagram-famous)

  • How to spy the elusive Northern Lights and stay toasty-cozy at the same time

  • Our pick for the most luxurious—and most fun—travel experience in the U.S.


… and 7 more immersive, out-of-the-box travel experiences! Download your free guide to get our hand-picked travel bucket list now:

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Cultivating Connections Through Effortless Travel Experiences

Hi, I’m Erin Smith, founder of Cultivating Connections Travel Planners. I help empty nesters re-discover their passions—and re-connect with their loved ones—on custom-crafted journeys. I’ll design a trip that’s full of stories that bring on the laughter, discoveries that awe you, and shared memories that carry you through a lifetime.  


Because whether your kids “flew the coop” yesterday or years ago, this transition time can be tricky—but I’m here to help you turn it into your next great adventure. 


Let me show you how:

"It was an awesome trip! Erin is the best travel agent! She is very organized and thoughtful. She printed out color books with our itineraries for every day and had all the tickets we needed ahead of time. She thought of everything, down to printing out the luggage tags for the cruise and putting them in the holders for me! I had a wonderful time and wouldn’t change a thing!"


Another thrilled customer, we love our customers

7 Incredible Travel Experiences to Start Your New Adventure as Empty Nesters (Therapy Not Included!)

The Travel Adventure Challenge: 7 Incredible Travel Experiences for Empty Nesters 


Are you an empty nester feeling a loss of purpose?  


I have the antidote and it’s not therapy.  


Ready to spark some travel romance in your newly empty nest?

Get those fires burning with these exciting travel challenge ideas! 

Start the Challenge TODAY!

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Travel Tips & Resources​

Get the latest travel news, essential tips, and inspiration for your next family vacation by subscribing to my travel blog.

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Inspiring Itineraries​

Need Inspiration?

These sample itineraries will give you a clear vision of what an amazing trip looks like.

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Let Us Design Your Trip!​

Contact us today for a free travel consultation, and let's turn your dream into reality.


"I help families and groups go way beyond the typical theme park or tropical vacation
and find true magic by exploring the world together."

Custom Journeys

I’ll design a hand-crafted journey built around the activities and interests that fuel you—whether it’s a solo escape, couples getaway, or family adventure.

Meet Erin

As an empty nester myself, I know just how hard this transition can be—and travel has personally helped me make the most of it.

I plan travel experiences for culturally curious families and groups looking to deepen their bond. I help families and groups go way beyond the typical theme park or tropical vacation and find true magic by exploring the world together. If family is everything to you, then culturally curious trave should be your priority and I can make that happen seamlessly for you. Medicine for empty nest blues

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Set sail on a journey down the Danube River and explore all it has to offer, from incredible destinations to unforgettable experiences!


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