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Updated: Aug 9

Planning a group trip is no easy feat and pleasing everyone during these trips seems like a herculean task. Be it a family reunion, weekend getaway with friends or a romantic getaway, these destinations have a variety of activities to please everyone…

1. Danube River Cruise

River cruises are good choices for group vacations. Everyone is within one home base but you can still experience the richness of the local culture in cities like Vienna, Munich, and Budapest. With a Danube river cruise, you’ll get to see beautiful vineyards, historical landmarks, and remarkable natural cliffs. In addition, you can all enjoy dinner together in one river cruise ship.

2. Rhine River Cruise

Similarly, a Rhine river cruise runs through some of Europe’s most captivating attractions. On the other hand, if you like a more modern twist to your adventure, you can opt for the Rhine River Cruise. On this cruise, you have major stops in cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, and Basel. The Rhine, compared to Danube River, is busier, and if you are a lover of history, you’ll love the key landmarks of the Second World War.

3. Rhone River Cruise

For lovers of good wine, this France version of the river cruise is a dream come true. Here, you are not only seeing fine wine, you will get to learn all about it and drink it! This area is particularly popular for making some of the best wines like Cote du Rhone and Beaujolais. And you prefer to stay dry, no worries, there are many other activities for your pleasure. This cruise includes stops in the historic palace of Avignon and a tour of the ancient Roman arena in Arles. And you’ll also get to see where Van Gogh created some of his masterpieces.

4. Britain

London is a great place, no doubt about it, but the capital of Britain is not all there is to it. There are so many things to enjoy at the English countryside. You can learn the history of British literature in the Lake District, go horseback riding along the Cornwall’s coast, or gather your troops together for a good time in a pub in East Anglia. Another plus side? There is no language barrier!

5. Ireland

Ireland is one of the best places for a group trip. There is no drought of unique and pleasant experiences in Ireland. You can swash pints of Guinness and go hiking on green landscapes but that’s not all. As a literature buff, you can learn the histories of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and W.B. Yeats. The nature lovers can have fun with the puffins of Skellig Michael. You can go joyriding along the endless, windy highways. Party or sleep in a castle, there’s no boring moment in Ireland.

6. Italy

No matter how introverted a person can be, Italy is an enjoyable place for all. You can enjoy the astonishingly preserved history of Italy in Rome or the enchanting seaside retreats of Cinque Terre. You can watch a football (not soccer) match, learn how to cook delicious Italian cuisine especially the famous Italian pizza, or relax and sunbathe on one of Italy’s pristine beaches. There is enough art, nature, fashion and architecture to keep everyone happy for weeks! Say goodbye to boredom!

7. Spain

Spain is full of diverse and stunning landscapes. From beaches to deserts, mountains to forests, and even volcanoes, you can experience it all in Spain. You can learn the history of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid or check out the former filming locations of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns in Almeria. If you and your friends are the partying type, there are no shortages of parties in Ibiza. If not, relax in Valencia. In Spain, variety is the spice of life!

8. Portugal

Portugal, though newly discovered as a great place for a vacation, is great for groups who want a more laid-back trip. You can tour the thriving Duoro Valley by train, boat, or helicopter, and sample the famous port wine. The country also has many medieval castles for architecture lovers to explore. You can visit Porto or Lisbon the country’s capital, but be rest assured there’s no dull moment in Portugal.

9. France

France is the home of striking landscapes: from mountains to beaches, to the cities, caves, and cliffs. On the northern coastline, you can learn a great deal of history about World War II. The enchanting Southern beaches are like a paradise on earth. Go skiing in the Alps, tour the wine country of Bordeaux or the Loire Valley for some of the best chateaux in the world. Enjoy the local culture of l’Hexagone, the mainland of France where you enjoy history, food, culture, nature and sports. Even the Debbie Downer of your group will enjoy a sense of joie de vivre.

10. Finland

Finland is like the underdog of great destinations for group travel, you don’t see the truckload of enjoyment coming. Gather your troops for some bonding moments by sweating it together at a Finnish spa. You can then cool it off at Helsinki. If it is summertime, experience the midnight sun but if it is winter, then you can spot the northern lights.

11. Croatia

For Game of Thrones fans, take a trip to the real filming location of the blockbuster series. The city of Dubrovnik is popular because it is the setting for the King’s Landing. Even if you have never watched the show, the Dalmatian coast is picturesque enough for you to want to visit. You can visit the old stone fortresses, open-air markets, and art galleries in your leisure time. In all your doings, remember to sample the delicious local cuisine.

12. Iceland

Iceland is just as beautiful (if not more) as it looks in the pictures. However, hiking is not all you can do. You can visit the booming art scene in the capital of Reykjavik, Viking museums or take cooking classes. But the dazzling scenery of Iceland might just convince the least athletic person in your group to go hiking.

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