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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Experiences you didn't know you could have on a cruise!

The cruising fever is in town, and the good news is that it is highly contagious!

With the increasing popularity of cruising, several cruise lines have diversified from the norm. Variety is the spice of life; no wonder the manner of cruising has taken a new shape. There are several sizes of the ship, depending on your preference and wider ranges of itineraries.

Twelve unforgettable experiences you can have on a cruise that participates in Virtuoso Voyages.

Get cooking with award-winning chefs

In case you are ignorant of this, there is so much fun in cooking. Don't take a boring

cruise; choose one you can learn how to cook by learning from a renowned chef and

expert in beverages. The chef will host a wine-paired dinner, and a cooking

demonstration will take place. Oh! for the joy of preparing and sampling new and

delicious cuisine!!

Sail with man’s best friend

When planning a trip to cross the Atlantic, one less thing to worry about is where to keep

your pets. With this cruise, your pets receive the same VIP treatment as you. Your pets

have a lounge and play area alongside a portrait session, fleece coat, and turndown service.

Become a helmsman

Deckhands on the ship offer lessons on knot-tying and ship-maneuvering, including

demonstrations on how to navigate. You can learn how to become a pro in no time.

Take professional photos

Photography lessons, including the art of editing, are offered onboard. Postcards and

panoramic pictures can be printed no matter the device used to take them. Now, you can

capture beautiful moments and keep them for as long as you want!

Explore marine life from a submarine

You may have traveled to several cities on land, but have you explored marine life underwater? Your daydreams of being a mermaid or merman can come true with a trip that allows you to explore up to 1,000 feet below the water surface in a submarine. You can explore from Dubrovnik to Venice underwater, which is different from a trip to the aquarium. Way to go, Aquaman!!

Enjoy all day at the spa

Travelers are offered time to find inner peace in the spa onboard. The spa offers massages, yoga classes, facials, pedicures, and much more. Luxury at its finest!!!

Reminisce on River Nile

Travelers are afforded the opportunity of traveling through Giza to Nile excursions in Egypt. They also get guided tours decoding the colossal statues of Memnon and hieroglyphics adorning the temples.

Discuss with a career diplomat about world affairs

You get the opportunity of sailing with different intellectuals from government officials, scholars to filmmakers. Some ships hold sessions where conversation series with notable guests are held. This is a two-in-one package; vacation and networking.

Don’t miss out on your daily cardio

After so many months of dedication in the gym, you should not have to lose that stunning figure because of a few days away from the gym. Some ships have core- and circuit-training classes, bicycles for an excursion, and a juice bar all onboard.

Celebrate your anniversary with a Polynesian blessing ceremony

At the South Pacific, local onboard hosts can bless couples in a traditional Polynesian ceremony by singing, reciting a love poem, and wrapping the couple in a traditional ‘tifaifai’ quilt. Definitely, a wedding anniversary to remember!!

Know some cooking techniques

You get the opportunity of enrolling in cooking classes at the culinary center onboard. Awaken the skillful chef in you by learning how to make several mouth-watering cuisines.

Stay out late with the locals

Some cruise allows guests to enjoy the nightlife with the ever-friendly locals. Coming from Athens, travelers can attend the traditional music performance at Jerusalem’s Ashdod Performing Arts Center

Give me a call when planning that cruise of a lifetime.


One of the things to get excited about while you travel is food. Every location is unique for their food and how they cook it. There’s always a story to tell from different foods you try. That’s why traveling is essential. You get to try out new things.

Download my FREE eBook here to see the ten ways you can turn your Vacation into a Culinary Adventure.


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