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Wine lovers are spoiled with different choices when it comes to selecting a vineyard for cruise shipping. As a lover of good wine, you not only get to enjoy the fun of the cruise but also the joy of relishing the best types of wine along the way. Some of these amazing cruises that are wine-focused are discussed below.

Rhine River Cruise

Wine lovers can enjoy cruises at the Rhine River, here; the upscale lines standard excursion is combined with onboard offerings with wine. Also, you get to enjoy extras like wine-and-food pairings and winery tours. This cruise is also ideal for foodies, millennials, families, and people who enjoy active traveling. No matter your specifications, the Rhine River Cruise has something to offer everyone.

Cruise on the Pacific Coast of the United States The Pacific Coast Cruise gives you the luxury of drinking exotic wine so close to the source you can stretch your hands and touch the luscious grapes. Traveling the coastline from California to Canada, you encounter both human-made and natural earthly wonders. You also get to relate with the amiable natives who can teach you how to swirl the world-famous reds in Napa. With my multiple trips to Napa Valley for self-drive wine tours including a particular trip that was devoted to the wineries of “BottleShock” (the movie and true story about Chateau Montelena and the Paris Judgment of 1976), you can rest assured you are in the best hands if I plan a cruise for you.

Bordeaux Region, France The cruise in the Bordeaux region is one of the world's most popular areas for wine, which is a new addition to the other famous wine regions in Europe is how close the itinerary takes you to the heart of rural France on the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers. This is where people shop for indigenous dinner ingredients in the country markets. The major tourist attractions in this region revolve around the wine chateaus outside town. Some lines offer a tour to Archadon, a coastal resort town. Bordeaux has a thriving airport for those who want to fly directly.

River Duoro Cruise The River Duoro is one of the prominent cruise destinations with a journey from the coast right across the country. There is a picturesque community by the river where most of the world’s Port is stored in old cellars. You get to learn about the intriguing 400-year- old history of Port and the processes involved alongside tasting. There are several magnificent architectural buildings to admire with boutiques and restaurants.

Burgundy and Provence You can cruise from Côte d’Azur to Paris to explore several wine-flavored regions. This cruise takes you to many areas such as Avignon, where you can visit famous cellars, Beaujolais, in Lyon to know about the hand-picked grapes used for the wine. You end this trip in Paris, the home of romance. This is a dream come true for wine lovers. Rivers: Rhône and Saône.

Danube River Cruise

Immerse yourself in the many flavors of Europe on a unique river cruise, adding an epicurean dimension to the itinerary. Guests have the opportunity to join excursions that highlight the famous sights in each port of call. These special itineraries offer guests a perfect blend of wine-related experiences and excursions in grand capitals and charming towns. You’ll taste local cuisine, discover how wine is made and, of course, partake in tastings — all included in the cruise.

If you have a group of friends or family members that enjoy a good glass of wine, let’s get you all on a wine-focused cruise! Wine lovers who are craving a cruise can plan one to any of these locations to have the time of their life. You will surely get to satisfy your wine desires.

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