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7 Great Ideas for Family Reunions - Multigenerational Travel at it's best!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

destination travel planning multi-generational travel family reunion active travel culinary travel Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor
Ideas for Family Reunions and Multigenerational Travel

“A family reunion is a time to remember, a time to laugh, a time to celebrate, a time to share old stories and make new memories. It is a chance to share our history, a reason to celebrate our past and a time to welcome our future as a family” ~ Anonymous

Travel planning: Family reunions are an opportunity to create lifelong memories with the ones you love. The challenge involves finding the perfect destination, convincing your cousin that no one will judge her recent divorce, and picking a date that works for everyone.

Having a family trip with different generations is always a win, especially when it goes successfully. The purpose of a family reunion is to strengthen the familial bond, so you need everyone to get involved from your great-grandma Jessica to your thirteen-year-old cousin Mark.

Some great vacation ideas you should have up your sleeves will be revealed.

Take a cooking class together

Every destination has a particular food to represent its culture. What better way is there to bond with your family than learning how to make a new dish together by signing up for a cooking class? The family gets taught by a chef, which may require you to go to the local market to get the ingredients for the dish. This gives room for tourism and gaining new experience. The fun part is when you make the cuisine when you return home; there is an interesting story to it. Culinary travel is all the rage right now!

Be active

This is the time to get the children away from their phones or television screens. It does not have to be as elaborate as signing up in a gym. Hiking, bike trips, horseback riding, or fishing will suffice. The family gets to keep fit while having fun together. There are numerous options for active travel!

Learn a local craft

Shopping at the gift shop is cliché. Why don’t you learn a local craft as a family that you can take home as a souvenir? If you visit Mexico, you can learn painting and piñata making or spin yarn out of wool when in Scotland. Every culture has something you can learn to make, so go for it. These hand-made gifts will always be a reminder about the beautiful reunion you had with your family.

Look out for volunteer work

Nothing enriches one more than volunteering, and it can only get better when done with the family. So set a few hours or a day aside to give back to society. Something as simple as donating books to school students will be fulfilling.

Get wet

For a non-traditional reunion, you can get the whole family to play with water and get wet. This can be by kayaking down a river, fishing, or surfing at the beach. You can take it up a notch by planning a sailing-focused trip where you rent the entire boat and cruise around for a designated number of days. You enjoy the beauty of great scenery, and some cruises offer shipboard activities like swimming, culinary lessons, or learning how to sail. It is a win-win for every member of the family.

Get some time apart

Even though the goal of the reunion was to bond, you have to allow each member of the family to spend some time apart. This way everyone gets to have some alone time and explore their personal interests. The young adults can go clubbing while the grandma and grandpa can use this opportunity to rekindle their love while having a romantic walk.

Sighting wildlife

Several travel destinations have animal spotting centers. From the elephants in the safari to watching sea turtles in Los Cabos, your family gets the feeling of awe of the environment.

No matter the idea you want to try out for your next family trip, I can help make it a reality! Now, who's ready for a GREAT family reunion?!

Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor

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