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8 Unforgettable Exotic River Cruises

When planning a trip, most people travel by planes, cars, or trains, very few people opt for a river cruise. A river cruise allows you to be in touch with your surroundings as you travel through your destination, which is lacking when you use other means of transportation. River cruises are becoming more popular as the day goes by, so you should not miss out on this. Plan one with your loved ones or a group dear to you. 

Here is a list of eight unforgettable river cruises you should partake in.

The Mekong River Cruising on the Mekong River has become popular over the years, mostly because these cruises allow you to visit and experience Vietnam and Cambodia in all of their glory. It lets you witness numerous contrasts and clashes of nature and architecture while bonding with the affable locals.

The Nile River This is considered the longest river in the world and is one of the top destinations for a river cruise. A cruise on the Nile is unique and consists of various landscapes, scenic views like the Valley of the Kings, pyramids, the Luxor Temple, and many other fascinating sights you get to enjoy.

The Volga River A cruise on the Volga River allows you to witness Russia in all of its radiant glory. You get the opportunity to visit a variety of places starting from Moscow, the capital, through the lively villages on the shore and ends at Royal St. Petersburg, Russia’s most beautiful city. It is, indeed, an adventure you won’t soon forget.

The Chobe River A Chobe river cruise allows you to visit wildlife and safari while touring on your ship. The river runs through Botswana, where you will be able to visit the Chobe National Park. The park is the largest wildlife concentration in Africa with four ecosystems. This is a cruise everyone should look forward to.

The Ganges River The Ganges River is a very symbolic part of the spiritual life in India. This is the central site where several religious rituals hold. Visiting this river will give you access to understand this part of India’s culture. Aside from its importance in their religion, this river is also important for its history. In the British Colonial times, it was utilized for navigation. This cruise offers you something new and exciting to learn and see culturally, historically, and aesthetically.

The Yangtze River The longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world, definitely a place you and your loved ones have to visit. It is popular for the Three Gorges, a natural site in China. The beautiful thing about this is cruise is you get to see the prominent Great Wall of China as you lounge in your deck room.

The Ayeyarwady River The river runs through the length of Myanmar and always leaves its visitors in awe. If you want to cruise with your loved ones without a crowd, this is the place to go. The cruise affords you the opportunity of witnessing Myanmar’s combination of post-colonial history and the alluring nature that envelops it.

The Amazon River This river has the largest body of water in the world and is a beauty to behold. With a river this big, the experience is even bigger. Pictures and past videos do not do justice to a cruise on this river. It is surrounded by colorful wildlife, friendly natives, and picturesque, definitely a place to tick off your bucket list.

Tell your loved ones how exciting an exotic river cruise can be and pack your bags!

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