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9 Tips for Traveling with a Group

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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9 Tips for Traveling with a Group

Embarking on group trips can either be the most amazing or tortuous type of trip ever. Usually, you expect to have a memorable experience where you get to bond with your loved ones. However, things may go awry. You may have some discrepancies over hotel accommodations, the itinerary, or even have to separate some fights between family members. Fortunately, be it a family reunion, a weekend getaway with friends, or a bachelorette party for your girlfriend, your group trip doesn’t have to end up in a disaster. You can still get that outstanding experience that you can reminisce over and over again. Here are some pointers to follow for the vacation of your dreams.

House Over Hotel

Renting a house may be more preferable to a hotel especially if you are having a big family reunion. It saves a lot of stress. It creates the right atmosphere to bond with your people as no one will be hiding out in their hotel rooms. There are other benefits to renting a house… You get to have meals together, cook your favorite meals if you want to, and for the parents, they’ll get the opportunity to put their kids to bed early without having to stay in the same room with them. It is advisable to use a good travel advisor to make your accommodation arrangements stress-free. You can also buy groceries in bulk and have them delivered to your doorstep for convenience during your stay.

A Resort is also a good choice

You can have your travel advisor book your accommodations at a resort instead of a house. Resorts are suitable for everyone in the group with various activities from going to the spa, golfing, or simply relaxing. Also, most resorts don’t leave the kids out of the fun so the parents can enjoy their time alone. In addition, resorts have very spacious dining rooms where everyone can wine and dine together. Check out “All-Inclusive Caribbean Resorts” for some amazing options. 

Democracy is not a crazy option

There’s this unwritten law when it comes to group travel; the larger the group, the longer they stay, the more the disputes. One sure way of resolving conflict of interests among groups is to vote. If you have different opinions on the sights to see or the activities to do, let everyone speak up and, as in democracy, the majority carries the vote. You can also divide the group into teams to make things more interesting.

Don’t Do Too Much

Getting a group to a place, on an outing, and then back home is no walk in the park. Having to plan an itinerary for a group especially one with kids can be tiring in itself, so it’s advisable you don’t load it up with too many activities. If it is a big outing or activity like a trip to the museum or an aquarium, you can limit it to one per day to avoid being stressed out.

A little play, a little rest

Also, remember to create time for rest. Let everyone enjoy a time alone where they can relax, read a book or take a quick nap before or in-between group activities. They will surely thank you for it.

Planning is important

You need to plan for transportation, and accommodations, including dinner reservations. Luckily, a good travel advisor can make all those reservations for you and save you the headache. Some reservations at the best restaurants get filled up really quick so a good travel advisor knows to book in advance while planning your vacation.

Pay Attention to Details

When going on a group trip, you need to plan the logistics, even to the smallest details to avoid mishaps. It’s not about booking flights alone. How about how to transport your group of 10 or more from the airport? You can take a bus or an airport shuttle, but you have to make sure everyone has the right address. What about your transportation needs during all those activities? And don’t forget the snack runs? And the kids? It is not a familiar territory, but you might need a babysitter for the kids. Save yourself the stress and let a travel advisor bother with the logistics while you enjoy your vacation.

Communication is Key

In a group vacation, the need for communication cannot be overemphasized. Everyone must have a copy of the full itinerary, and they must know the name of the hotel or resort in case the group is separated either intentionally or accidentally. You can use online texting services such as GroupMe or WhatsApp for effective communication.

Tour Groups

When traveling with a large group especially in unfamiliar territory, it’s advisable to travel with a tour group who will help you manage the logistics while you and your loved ones focus on enjoying the raptures of Italy, Greece, Spain, or even the Tahitian Islands.

Are you thinking about Group Travel now? Use these tips wisely and contact me for an experience you’ll always remember with a smile.


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