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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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A Russian River Cruise? ABSOLUTELY!

If you are a lover of Russian history and culture, then you should visit the museums. You

can see the extensive exhibits and collections. But that’s just to satisfy your curiosity. To really explore Russia, there is no better way to do that except going on a Russian river cruise. You can fulfill that unquenchable thirst for exploration, taking on a voyage through the waterways of the Tsars, down the Volga and Neva Rivers, from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and through the Golden Ring.

The Volga River is known as Volga-Matushka, meaning the Volga-mother, in Russian literature and myths because of its size and significance to the growth of Russian society. The Volga river runs through the heart of Russia, and out of the country’s 20 largest cities, about 11 of them are located along its banks including the capital of Moscow. You can catch a glimpse into Russian culture and history as you travel downstream afloat on a ship. You can also view the dreamy scenery of the rolling countryside, fishermen casting from the banks, and children skipping stones across water all from the ship. This way you can immerse the true spirit and culture of Russia.

You can take some off-shore stops within the Golden Ring and visit the towns and cities. From these cities, appropriately described as open-air museums, you can learn the stories of the civilization of Russia. You can make friends with amiable locals in traditional dress, tending to shops, producing handmade crafts who still uphold the rich culture of Russia though maybe declining in some other parts. You will be amazed at the spectacular architectural designs of the buildings. These Russian monuments in time past serve as landmarks, marking and labeling this area as the heart of Russia; where the rich culture and heritage of Russia can always be celebrated.

Taking a cruise might be longer than journeying by train. But it is totally worth it as you get to see all the great things that happen in between destinations; the rapidly-changing scenery of the transient countryside, the magnificent sunset vistas, and the daily activities and stops at historical places. You can also mingle with passengers aboard the cruise ship.

If you decide on a Russian cruise I specifically plan for you, you can rest assure you will have the very best of what a cruise ship can offer. With a low passenger-to-crew ratio, you’ll get to enjoy an atmosphere that is quite similar to that of a private charter than a cruise ship. Exploring Russia on a luxury cruise ship with all the best Russian cuisine and personalized service is something worth looking forward to.

You can enjoy Russian pancakes with homemade jams, fresh pastries, steaming hot porridge, or a variety of continental meats and cheeses with crispy fresh bread. Or perhaps you’d prefer an English breakfast with freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruits, or yogurts? You can also look forward to a delicious dinner with a glass of exotic wine. What’s there not to love?

A delightful daily lunch buffet is served in the restaurant with international dishes created from fresh local fares and produce that is bought onshore from that day’s port of call. The Volga’s cuisine is reflective of the cities the ship visits and makes your dining experience a culinary adventure as well.

The a la carte evening dinner is the Volga Dream’s main event. With a different theme every day, the Chef brings fine dining to your table night after night. From fresh steamed sturgeon to a rack of lamb or steak au poivoire, and authentic Russian borsch, every meal is a chance to experience the culinary excellence of the Dream’s innovative kitchen. The culinary crew makes dining on the Volga Dream an intimate cultural experience as they share the local food culture of the river you are traveling through.

The cabins aboard the Dream are stately with paneled walls and windows that allow for a view of the passing scenery at all times. Fantastic views aboard the ship aren’t hard to come by, as windows line the lounge areas and the sun deck offers fresh air sightseeing.

The Volga also features a library with computers and internet access, a lounge with comfortable seating, and a bar, along with live performances of the concertos of Tchaikovsky and Skryabin by the ship’s resident pianist.


Vacations present the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule and embark on exciting adventures abroad. Can you think of a better way to enjoy a holiday than to spend it with your friends and family? Do you want your next vacation to be that memorable? Why not experience the trip of a lifetime with your family and friends and strengthen the bonds you share?


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