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All-Inclusive Resorts & Hotels and Travel Costs

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

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The price of lodging depends on the type of accommodation you choose, and also the rating of the hotel. Obviously, a budget hostel is less expensive than a five-star luxury hotel. The location of the accommodation, that is, how centrally located it is, will also affect the cost. Nowadays, most reputable destinations have a wide range of accommodation types such as hostels, apartments, guesthouses, and hotels, which means the traveler has a variety to choose from.

In times past, all-inclusive vacations used to mean terrible buffets, hidden fees, and overpriced packages. However, more recently that notion has changed to include resorts around the globe for every demographic, price range, and interest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the perfect family vacation or a honeymoon getaway at an adults-only resort, all-inclusive vacations can save you time, money, and stress.

Type of Accommodations Available During a Vacation


Hotels come in different star ratings, usually from 1-5 with five being the highest. Star ratings of hotels vary from country to country, so what rates as a five-star in one country, may only be a four-star in another.

Commonly, a one-star hotel will be a basic room with just the essentials. It is unlikely there will be a pool, bar, or anything besides the room. As the ratings go up, so do the benefits, such as the better furnishings, more state-of-the-art facilities like big TVs with higher resolutions, king-sized beds, and even heated toilet seats in the room. Around the hotel, a pool, fitness and spa facilities, bars, and multiple restaurants may be made available for your use.

Luxury hotels also come with improved services such as butler services, 24-hour concierge, etc. just to ensure you have the most enjoyable stay possible.

The features of hotels vary widely among different hotels, therefore check what the hotel provides on booking. They include but are not limited to: suites, restaurants & bars, WiFi access, concierge services, butler services, room service, pool and exercise facilities, conference facilities, and so on. Also, many hotels and resorts offer a variety of packages, so pay attention to what is included in the options you are provided with.

Self-Catered Accommodation

Self-catered accommodation includes apartments, cottages, cabins, and villas which are very good choices particularly for longer stays or traveling with families. This type of accommodation is usually accompanied by lovely furnishings and facilities allowing for a long duration of staycation. Some cabins and villas in some hotter regions even have private pools for you to relax and cool off the heat. Common features of apartments include a modern and well-equipped bedroom, spacious kitchen and living room, WiFi access, etc.


These are usually the cheapest type of accommodation, however, not all destinations have hostels. Usually, you may have to use shared rooms with bunk beds and other amenities though some hostels also have private rooms available.

In spite of this drawback, hostels are still good for people traveling on a budget. They are very good for socializing and meeting new people. You can enjoy some basic amenities and even a nice view in some hostels.


You can also choose to stay in a resort. Resorts are self-contained and they include all the facilities you need. They can also be great for families on a vacation. Some are located at the center of the city while some are quite secluded. You can choose any luxury resort based on your needs. Here are some of the facilities you can enjoy: large pools, all-inclusive options which include meals and drinks, fitness facilities, special classes, WiFi access, well-equipped rooms, etc. Note that this may vary depending on the resort.

Confirm what’s included before booking

The cost of resorts and the benefits included vary from resort to resort. Some resorts provide free buffets to their clients, while others don’t. Sometimes even room service and airport transfers may incur additional costs.

Even some all-inclusive resorts may charge for some services such as drinks (both alcoholic and non), excursions, snacks, and even activities so it is best to properly check what’s included before booking. Many resorts charge a resort fee, payable upon check-in or check-out, with pricing not included in your nightly rate.

How to find the best value

The advantage of an all-inclusive accommodation package is that you know the total cost of your lodging, so you can budget in advance without worrying about extra costs.

It is advisable you use a well-experienced travel agent like me so your all-inclusive packages can be personalized so you can enjoy all you want from your dream vacation. That way, you’ll save time and money. And at CCTP, travel insurance is always recommended so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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