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Are Celebrity Cruises Luxury Cruises? (A Guide)

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

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Are Celebrity Cruises Luxury Cruises? (A Guide)

Founded as a subsidiary of the Greek cruise company Chadris, Celebrity Cruises now operates wholly under the banner of the Royal Caribbean Group which has been in possession of the company since 1997.

But where exactly do they sail, and do they hold up as ‘luxury’ in the contemporary cruise market?


Celebrity Cruises run a worldwide cruising service, with countless destinations to satisfy even the most discerning passengers.

There are numerous destinations, all of them available in specific packages, including Alaska, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, and New England, the Caribbean, mainland Europe, the Galapagos Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the Panama Canal, the Pacific Coast of the United States, and South America.

There are also various packages offering trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic cruises, comprising multiple destinations and excursion points.


Celebrity Cruises pitches itself as a luxury cruise line, albeit with its own unique twist.

Without a doubt, one thing they strive for is a sense of contemporary luxury in the popular vein of, unsurprisingly, celebrity culture.

The interior of the ships are adorned with polished chrome and glass detailing, tasteful pastel tones, and bold white furniture, resembling something more akin to a modern boutique hotel, rather than what would be considered a traditional luxury cruise liner.

The ship's overall decor is one of clean lines, bold color patterns, and extravagant design elements, incorporating modernist sculptures, tasteful photographic landscapes on the walls, and pale wooden features all along the sun deck.

Without a doubt, the ships are highly luxurious, but the way in which this is communicated is a more accessible kind of luxury, perhaps indicating the company’s intentions to appeal to a wider audience than just the stereotypical cruise enthusiasts.

This sense of modernity extends to the staff too, with employees from more than 50 different cultures working aboard their vessels.

Designed to deliver a worldly and inclusive feel to their cruises, this means that language barriers are not a problem, and passengers from all walks of life can feel comfortable and cared for.


The ships themselves are laden with the modern amenities passengers could want, including onboard casinos, numerous restaurants, high-quality bars, onboard shopping facilities, music and performance venues, wellness centers, and spas.

There are also numerous sources of entertainment for adults and children alike, including theatrical performances, a real-life Deal or No Deal game, live music, events and parties, winemaking, glass blowing, yoga, silent discos, as well as numerous kids and teens programs to keep the little ones entertained.


The company’s aim of worldliness and inclusivity doesn’t just stop at the staff.

Indeed, the kitchens too feature cuisine from all around the world, curated by specialty trained Michelin chefs, who designed menus and eateries to attend to every taste, need, and preference.

This means that whether you want a fancier, dressed-up meal, or indeed a lazy lunch, there are any number of places you can choose from to ensure that you feel the most comfortable.


As with any cruise liner, there are separate classes and packages that can be purchased to receive a specific experience.

These include Aqua Class experiences, private suites, concierge class staterooms, veranda staterooms offering balconies and amazing views, ocean view staterooms with a built-in window, and inside staterooms, which are the most basic package, and which contain no windows or verandas.


As a modern company, Celebrity Cruises also has specific energy goals woven into its long-term vision.

This includes ‘Destination: Net Zero’, a program launched by the parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises, which plans to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2050.

This comes alongside the introduction of more energy-efficient vessels to their growing fleet, investment in wind farms to offset carbon dioxide, as well as contributing funding towards research in alternative fuels and energy sources.

So, Are They Considered ‘Luxury’?

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There is no doubt that Celebrity Cruises are indeed considered luxury cruise liners, even when compared to more established companies on the market.

What Do They Offer?

However, what the company offers is a cruise for passengers who wouldn’t normally partake, as well as people who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable on a classy cruise ship amongst what they would consider the ‘regular’ cruising types.

What Celebrity Cruises have essentially created is a five-star luxury hotel, albeit one that can move and float on the water.

That being said, the company offers passage to over 300 destinations, as well as 290 overnight port stays, which is considerably more than most cruise lines, which tend to specify a niche on the market and stay there.

This is one of many reasons why Celebrity Cruises are, in a sense, revitalizing the cruise industry, taking something that was perhaps considered elitist and stuffy, and bringing it in line with the accessibility and versatility more akin to contemporary foreign travel.

What About The Service?

Despite their perceived modernity, one thing they have continued from the past traditions of cruising is the attentive, high-quality service of luxury travel.

With on-board butlers, concierges, and waiting staff, the service is subtle but effective, with the staff always on hand to get you what you need, and even preempt your requests, all without being pushy or getting in the way of your family vacation.


And there we have it, everything you need to know about Celebrity Cruises, and their status in the contemporary cruising market.

It seems that what the company really brings to the table is modernity and a sense of freshness that was needed in a stuffy and elitist vacationing style.

With their wide range of amenities, dining options, bars, and destination packages, there is certainly something to satisfy people from all walks of life.

But don’t take my word for it, why not look into them yourself? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed.

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