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Cultivate Connections with a Hands-on Culinary-Focused Trip! All Food Lovers are Welcome!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Culinary-Focused Trips for Foodies

There is one thing for certain, the majority of travelers in this world look forward to one amazing culinary experience regardless of where it is they go. As a traveler or tourist, you should cultivate your connection with the culture of the nation you’re visiting. Indulging in the cuisine and foods cherished by the natives is one of the best ways to get hands-on and involved in their culture. It just takes a little travel planning!

Culinary Inspired Trips and Itineraries

The kinds of culinary-inspired trips and itineraries you’re able to experience could go on forever. Nearly every country in this world has its own culturally inspired dishes and drinks they take great pleasure in. A lot of the foods enjoyed in a particular nation are because they’re foods that tend to grow and flourish in that region. So depending on your destination, you could plan anything from catching your own crab from the ocean for supper that night, to sitting in a bistro trying the country’s best coffee and bakery around. Also, wine-themed tours, distillery trail tours, and even brewery tours are often a great additions to trips.

Other spectacular ways to experience the culinary delights of another country may include hiring a private chef, taking a cooking class, going wine tasting, or even strolling through the markets and sampling the street food. No matter how you choose to do it, make sure you go out of your way to try dishes and food authentic to the region. If you’d like to strike up a conversation, ask the locals where their favorite places to eat are and give those a try too.

Your Trip Doesn’t Have to Solely Revolve around Food for You to Gain Culinary Bliss

Even if your goal is to take in all of the delicious foods that you can while you’re away, that doesn’t mean the rest of your trip is compromised. You can easily enjoy all the cuisines you want while still experiencing the nation in other ways. How you would like to craft your itinerary is totally up to you but rest assured you can have it all even if it means literally farming or catching your own food that day.

To find out more regarding culinary trips and how you can better cultivate your connection with a nation through food and adventure, please send me an email with your inquiries. I would love to hear from you and to tell you of all the amazing ways you can indulge in another culture and partake in their traditions through food.

Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor

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