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Destination inspiration for the return of travel - Keep Dreaming!

I will continue to send you travel inspiration and vacation ideas weekly through the coming weeks as we work together to get through this crisis. There will come a time when your pent up demand to escape for travel will burst and I want to help you be as ready as possible for that eventuality.

A couple of these inspiring destinations are some of my favorites! And the others are on my ever-growing bucket-list...

Get inspired for amazing things to come!

Galway Ireland destination affinity group travel advisor

Want to visit the most "Irish" city in Ireland? Look no further than Galway. Situated on the rugged west coast, Galway thrives on its proximity to the Atlantic, its cultural festivals throughout the year and its large student population. Colorful, friendly and compact, Galway is the perfect city to feel like a local.

You could say Galway is the festival capital of Ireland. All year round, the city hosts a range of festivals for every kind of traveler. Some of the most well-known festivals include the Galway Food Festival in March, the Galway International Arts Festival in July and the Galway Oyster & Seafood Festival in September. Around Christmas, the city hosts a wonderful Christmas Market.

Edinburgh Scotland destination affinity group travel advisor

Ahh, Edinburgh, Scotland's raved-about capital. Rich with traditional culture and Gothic architecture, this picturesque city boasts historic beauty with a trendy flair. Picture this: colorful stone streets, hilltop castles, music-filled pubs, and cute cafes galore. Get ready to hear some bagpipes, eat some haggis, and drink some whisky - Edinburgh is waiting!

What to do if (and when) it rains (so bring an umbrella!) ~

  • Visit the National Museum of Scotland

  • Wander through the Scottish National Gallery

  • Shop at New Waverly Edinburgh, filled with shops and food vendors

  • Drink whisky at a pub!

  • Cozy up at a craft coffee shop

Mykonos Santorini Greece Greek Islands cruise destination affinity group travel advisor

Every Greek Island guarantees breathtaking views and charming streets. So, what makes each one so different? Do you daydream about the serenity of pink sand beaches, the thrill of exploring castles, or the excitement of oceanfront nightlife? Find out which picture-perfect island is waiting for you.

Nothing like a Santorini sunset. Frolic through the quaint, colorful shops that line the winding stone paths of this oh so romantic island. Gaze out at the bright blue Aegean Sea, then sip on a glass of local wine and watch a world-famous sunset. Many people claim Santorini is the "most Greek" island; now it's your turn to discover why. A vibrant playground of Greek tradition. On the magical island of Mykonos, it’s always party time! Follow winding stone paths through whitewashed houses, relax on beautiful beaches, then get ready for Greece's most raved-about nightlife. When the sun sets, the streets of Mykonos light up. And... There are SO many more islands!

Porto Portugal Douro River destination affinity group travel advisor

The second-largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto is a must-see destination on a vacation to Portugal. With its fascinating blend of architectural styles and an enchanting location on the Douro River, Porto is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.

The best time to visit Porto is between June and September when the city is warm and sunny. This is also peak season, so anticipate crowds at most popular tourist attractions. If you plan on visiting during the winter or early spring months, be aware that Porto has significantly more rain then Lisbon and the Algarve. Whatever season you choose to visit, Porto’s mild climate is sure to please.

(Inspired by Vantage Travel)

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