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How to know if a Group Trip is REALLY for you…

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planningErin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor
Is a Group Trip really for you?

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond, and we cease to be alone.”

~ Wendell Berry

Guided group travel is appealing to most people; someone makes the plans, handles the logistics, and provides expert advice at the tourist sites. Sounds like fun, but the problem can be the group itself. Traveling with a group of people with most of them not even close to one another can be exhilarating, or it can be tiring. It means you have to wait to get on the bus or van to check into the hotel, and itineraries are dependent on several other people.

Before you hit the road, you may need to find out if group travel is really for you before what is meant to be fun and adventurous turns into a disastrous trip. That's the last thing we want, right?

If you cannot deal with people getting in your space or you love operating on your own schedule then you should reconsider going on a group trip. During guided group trips, you operate on a fixed schedule and cannot cancel plans at the spur of the moment. Then you should probably travel with only a few like-minded friends. However, if you like that everything is organized for you and reduces your stress load, then group travel is your best option. Sometimes you just want someone else to "do the thinking" for you. I know at times I just want someone else to point me in the right direction!

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Many groups create time for travelers to spend alone; however, it is not unlimited. This way, you get to spend time exploring the environment and yourself. People who do not mind spending a little amount of ‘me-time” would fit perfectly into joining a group trip. You want the right balance.

Depending on the number of people involved, it may or not be overwhelming. It ranges from around ten people to as many as dozens of people on the trip. If you have no problem traveling with quite a number of people, you can even use this opportunity to make new friends. But, if you can’t stand so many people bumping into your personal space, you can go on trips with a fewer number of people.

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With groups, many sights are visited in a short amount of time. If you are an explorer that loves to digest every scenery and detail and soak in every experience, you might want to reconsider going on a group trip. While you are busy lost in the raptures of the beautiful environment, the tour bus may leave, leaving you stranded. If you travel alone you set the pace yourself and decide where and how long you spend at each location.

There are several tours available such as sightseeing tours, shore excursion tours, adventure or sporting tours, and some combination tours. Knowledge about details like this will make your trip easier as it helps you do the little planning required at your end. 

And… Remember that custom group trips are always an option! Large or small, a specially curated trip with your passions at the forefront can result in memories that last a lifetime.

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I am only scratching the surface here... You have so many options. Why not get some help?

So, when planning a group trip or any other type of trip, Cultivating Connections Travel Planners is your go-to travel expert with the services you need to make your trip unforgettable. Give us a call TODAY! We will take the guesswork out of your planning. Just let us know what you want to experience and we will make it happen!

food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planningErin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor


Vacations present the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule and embark on exciting adventures abroad. Can you think of a better way to enjoy a holiday than to spend it with your friends and family? Do you want your next vacation to be that memorable? Why not experience the trip of a lifetime with your family and friends and strengthen the bonds you share?

food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planning Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor


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