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How To Save Your Money (And Sanity!) When Booking Air Travel

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The modern traveler has to navigate a landscape of hidden costs such as baggage fees, extra taxes, add-ons. Your travel advisor can help find you the best options.

How To Save Your Money (And Sanity!) When Booking Air Travel

In 1941, the average cost of a plane ticket from L.A. to Boston was $4,539.24 per person in today’s money. And it would have taken an average of 15 hours and 15 minutes with 12 stops along the way! Today, the same journey would cost around $480 and take only 6 hours - obviously an enormous improvement in both price and travel time. And thanks to the advent of budget airlines, travelers can find even cheaper fares if they look hard enough. But even though the cost of air travel has come down over the years, the modern traveler usually has to navigate a landscape of hidden costs such as baggage fees, extra taxes, add-ons (we’re looking at you, seat upgrade!), and various upcharges. So when it comes to traveling by air for your next vacation, what are some considerations to keep in mind to maximize efficiency while also saving your hard-earned dollars? Keep reading to find out!

When Are You Traveling?

Airline tickets are infamous for their fluctuating prices, sometimes jumping in cost by hundreds of dollars in a single day. But the time of year in which you’re traveling can have a big impact on your overall travel cost. And this depends a lot on your destination. According to USA Today, the cheapest time of year to fly is typically the least popular time for travel between any two destinations. This is because airlines base their ticket pricing on demand. So if you want to save money on tickets, time your travel for whenever is considered the low season for your destination.

Consider Time as Well as Cost

Lower-cost flights are usually at off-peak times or overnight. If you don’t mind taking a flight with three stops that might take an additional 10 hours to reach your destination, you can probably save some cash. But as your travel advisor, I think it’s important to remind my wonderful clients (that’s you!) that sometimes it pays to spend a little more for convenience! While it might be tempting to fly into a city several hours away, then getting a rental car to get to your destination, consider the cost to your time, energy, and stress levels. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

Remember the Whims of the Airline

Reality check: people get bumped from flights. It stinks and it’s totally unfair, but it does happen from time to time. This is when having a trusted travel advisor in your corner can make a huge difference! A well-experienced advisor knows how to turn this unfortunate occurrence into an advantage for the traveler. Here’s a secret: when people get bumped from the airline due to overbooking, airlines are required by law to compensate passengers by paying them more than the cost of the original fare. They’re also obligated to rebook you or lodge you in a hotel if necessary. When planning air travel, consider booking with your travel advisor. They understand the system and can often get you the best deal if the airline happens to bump you from your flight.

Ship Your Luggage

If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, sometimes shipping your luggage can make sense. If the cost of packing and shipping your bags falls below the fees that your airline would charge to check them, go ahead and ship! Today, there are plenty of travel companies that specialize in this service. For more information, talk to your travel advisor.

Choose Your Destinations Wisely

In recent years, the airline industry has reduced flights to and from smaller cities, meaning flying into smaller airports has become much more expensive than it used to be. Not every traveler has a choice of their destination, but if you do, it may be better to use large, well-traveled airports over smaller, out-of-the-way airports. Doing so will save you both time and money.

Your Travel Advisor Has Your Back

These days, air travel has become quite a hassle. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality travel advisor in your corner when booking trips. Your advisor knows how to find the best routes with the least amount of stress, as well as how to navigate the minefield of hidden fees that are often wrapped up in air travel. So whether you’re in Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma City, or even Kansas, and you’re looking for a bespoke travel experience designed by a veteran travel advisor, contact Cultivating Connection Travel Planners today!

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To guide you toward the best choices for your next getaway, talk to your trusted travel advisor about your options!


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