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Inside Europe: Breathtaking by River

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Taking a river cruise through Europe is perhaps the most efficient, favorable, and amazing way to experience your surroundings. In fact, river cruises are one of the greatest ways to scope out not only monuments and historical sites but to indulge in the nation’s hidden gems. Of course, you could do what many tourists choose to, and that is to travel the country by train or plane. While taking a train or plane will get you somewhere much quicker, it doesn’t have the leisurely pace of a cruise ship which allows you to spend more time in each of the destinations it stops at. You will get to see places that you may not have otherwise ever known about, making your trip one absolutely unique, memorable experience.

Best Regions in Europe to Visit by River Cruise

To experience Europe by river cruise is certainly a delight and honestly, you will get to see parts of Europe that many of your well-traveled friends haven’t even appreciated yet. To further your excitement, we would like to provide some insight into the best European regions to cruise through on a ship.

Main Danube Canal, Bavaria

Cruise between the North Sea and the Black Sea on the Main Danube Canal that stretches across 106 miles in Bavaria, Germany. During the cruise down the canal, you will witness the European Continental Divide Monument. This piece of artwork was created by Hanns Jörg Voth and is one of the many wonderful destinations you’ll stop along the shore. Expect to stop at cathedrals, palaces, markets, and historic cities.

Middle Rhine, Germany

The majestic Middle Rhine River takes you from Bingen and Bonn, showcasing historic castles at nearly every bend. Aside from castles including one that sits right in the middle of the Rhine River, you will get to see many monuments, vineyards, and make stops at various market places.

The Tisza River, Hungary

The Tisza runs right through central Hungary and will take you to many vineyards and wine tasting adventures. The landscapes you’ll sail by include Eastern Europe’s largest steppe region, the Great Steppe, and the beautiful Carpathian Mountains.

The Balkan Danube

Spend hours in Bulgaria and sip some of the country’s best Croatian wines when you set sail on the Danube down the Balkan Peninsula. During your cruise, you may even stop at the medieval Belogradchik fortress where you can hike the entire property.

Wachau Valley, Austria

Cruise the Wachau Valley by ship to see medieval castles, hills of vineyards, cobblestone-paved towns, and the baroque masterpiece of Melk Abbey line. You may even have time to rent a bike for a quick stroll through any of the breathtaking European regions along the way.

To start planning your river cruise through any of Europe’s greatest regions, give me a call! You will certainly be happy you did! And, with so many special itineraries, we can definitely find the most engaging journey that might also include a favorite hobby. What are YOU passionate about?

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