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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Literary tours that will leave you wanting more...

“I read, I travel and I become” ~Derek Wakott

As a book lover or a lover of great literature, you will probably have an innate desire of visiting the beautiful streets that inspired your favorite writers, their homes, and the literary museums. You want to experience and visit these amazing places with your best pals and your multi-generational family. As the old saying goes, “It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” I will take you through cities you should tour to connect with some of literature’s most intelligent minds.

Oxford, England

There is no way there will be a list of literary destinations without England, the country that birthed many great novelists whose impact is felt all over the world. This city of Oxford has accommodated notable writers such as JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Lewis Carroll, and even CS Lewis. Visiting Oxford grants you the privilege of retracing the footsteps of these famous people. One of the remarkable opportunities the city grants you is to have a feel of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Carroll. From the river to the door to Wonderland and even the inspiration behind Alice’s long neck after she ate the mushrooms. There are several historic landmarks that writers stayed such as the Old Parsonage Hotel where rumor has it that Oscar Wilde stayed. This is a place that will literally give you the ‘novel’ experience.

London, England

This city is the place for English-Language literature fans like very few cities can claim to have relations to as many famous writers as London. London was the home of Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Milton, and other literary heroes. Some of the places to visit when you are in London are the British Museum, The George Inn for Shakespeare and Charles Dickens lovers, The Harry Potter Shop, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, among others. This is a dreamland destination for most literary tourists.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has a reputation as one of the vibrant literary capitals in Europe and its tradition has been maintained by walking tours, museums, and heritage sites. The James Joyce Tower and Museum is a spectacle as it is immortalized as the location for opening Ulysses. This city houses the manuscripts when Monks transcribed sections of the Bible such as the Book of Kells at Trinity College.

Paris, France

Paris is packed with several literary sights and stories and is definitely a place a writer would not be disappointed he visited. For several centuries, numerous writers have used this city as their setting, it is no wonder why it is said to inspire writers searching for inspiration. It is also a spot to visit if you want to delve into the literary history with several landmarks like Maison Victor Hugo, Maison de Balzac, Le Procope, Les Deux Magots, and so many more.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The famous Robert Louis Stevenson compared Edinburgh to Paris, describing it as what Paris ought to be. This is the home to several notable writers and is also the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature. This city offers many sites with relation to writers like JK Rowling, William Dunbar, and Muriel Spark.

Tourism in Europe just got better with the introduction of portable MiFi rentals that allows the tourist to cut down on expensive international data charges. Now you can browse the web for guides or just to refresh your memory about the site you are on.

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