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New York City - Are you Ready, Broadway Lovers?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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New York City - Broadway

“Broadway is the main artery of New York Life — the hardened artery”

~Walter Winchell

Everyone knows you can see some fantastic shows on Broadway, New York. Top secret information: You can go ahead and catch a performance of Wicked or Hamilton on Broadway but that’s not all the fun you and your Broadway-loving group can have. There are other fun activities carried out in groups just outside the Broadway Theater area in New York City to complement your experience.

Broadway is at the center of the American theatrical industry. There are various ways to truly experience the feeling and learn its culture. Some of the exclusive Broadway-centered activities for you and your friends to do in New York City are:

Wine and Dine Before the Show

As you get ready for your show, you can relax, and wine and dine with Broadway stars. This way you’ll get into the spirit of Broadway even before starting your main Broadway experience.

Be your own Broadway star

You and your friends can become your own Broadway stars by immersing yourselves in the performance process in “Sing Broadway, Dance Broadway.” This unique experience puts you in the hands of Broadway artists, choreographers, and musical directors to produce an outstanding performance you can have bragging rights about to friends and family. Just imagine doing your favorite Broadway number and practicing in a real Broadway rehearsal studio with skilled performers. Imagine all the singing, dancing, costumes, and lights! Imagine all the fun!!

Backstage pass

Have you ever wondered what happens backstage at a Broadway show? You can finally see this for yourself when you have the exclusive privilege of being escorted backstage after an amazing performance. You’ll get to see costumes, props, cast members, sets, and many more.

You will also have the privilege of taking pictures, as many as you want, so you can have the overall experience of what constitutes a great performance.

Broadway on the Water Cruise

You can go cruising with your friends along the Hudson River and gaze at the beautiful skyline. You can go sightseeing on the Broadway Water Cruise and watch live performances of popular Broadway show tunes as you indulge in delicious foods and drinks. You can also visit iconic places like the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty herself while singing the Broadway songs you know and love.

Sing along at Marie’s Crisis

You must not miss out on visiting Greenwich Village and then enter Marie’s Crisis, a bar that ensures you have a good time watching the pianist play at 8 pm. The pianist will entertain you and your group of friends by playing Broadway and Disney classics to get everyone involved in a fun sing-along. The bar is also famous for its stunning mural of French and American Revolution scenes and serving simple drinks. Marie’s Crisis is a must-see place on your trip to Broadway. 

You may also decide on visiting a Broadway cast member at a restaurant before their show. This affords you the opportunity of learning about the hidden details of auditions, performances, and you’ll get insight into what it takes to be a Broadway performer. You can make friends with Broadway performers and visit them backstage after their performance.

You should experience everything Broadway has to offer. Not just watching the performances, but all the exclusive experiences described above. You can ensure you don’t miss out on the fun by allowing me plan your next trip for you and your other Broadway-loving friends.

You’ll surely be better for it!


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