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“A great introduction to a culture is their cuisine. It not only reflects their evolution but also beliefs and traditions”

When in Russia you should visit St. Petersburg and get a rooftop view of St Isaac’s

cathedral. You should be initiated into the culture of drinking vodka the Russian way. What is the Russian way of drinking vodka, you ask? Velvet and smooth, chilled, undiluted, served with Russian snacks. You can enjoy a glass of cranberry, orange, or tomato juice on the side…

Then let’s talk about Russian Champagne. It is not quite as odd as you may suppose.

There are top quality brands like the Abrau Durso which has done tremendously well in blind

tastings, and even supersedes Italian prosecco! The winery can be found on the shores of Lake Abrau, a short distance west of Novorossiysk on Russia’s black sea coast, in the Krasnodar Krai region. This brand dates as far back as 1870 when it was founded with a vision of providing wine for the Tsar. The owner is also the owner of the Chateau D’Avize in champagne.

You can also sample various cuisines from the former Russian Empire such as Georgian,

Armenian, Azeri and Uzbek cuisines.

The whole Russian food experience will not be complete if you don’t try some caviar. Sturgeon was overused for many years. They had to place a ban on fishing in the Caspian Sea in order to repopulate the supply. You can also try Beluga at the restaurant The Repa, which is near the Mariinksy Theatre and the right place to dine after watching a performance.

If you are feeling quite adventurous, you can try some mouthwatering traditional Russian food such as the local beetroot soup, borsch, salads like Olivier and vinegret, some meat dishes like beef stroganoff, kotlets, Pozharskiye kotleti and many more amazing choices at Café Pushkin. You can also sample some other delicious Russian foods at charming restaurants such as Dr. Zhivago and Rusky.

You must not miss out on eating breakfast at deli-type cafes like Bratya Karavaevy, as well as Pain Quotidien and Volkonsky bakeries.

One of the many reasons why Russia is perfect for foodies is that there is something for everyone. If you love your meat, then you should try eating some of the best meat dishes at AQ Kitchen. And if your favorite meal of the day is breakfast, then you can try eating at Cookariky, a restaurant which serves breakfasts from all over the world every hour! Seafood lovers are not left out. You can try a selection of shrimps, bruschetti with Kamchatkra crab at Boston Seafood and bar or visit Ervin, a fancy fish restaurant for some deliciously prepared fish dishes. If you love eating crabs, then you must try out Crabs Are Coming restaurant and I guarantee you will keep coming back too!

Just make sure you are not too full for dessert, especially in a city with a rich cake history

like Russia!  You should always take a bite of tasty, warm, and delicious cakes at the "I Love Cake" restaurant if you are a true lover of cake. They have a variety of rich, melt-in-your-mouth type of cakes that are quite addictive in nature. You can also experience a slice of heaven by trying out the Pushin Konditorskaya right next to Café Pushkin.

For lovers of fast foods and comfort foods, you must definitely visit Kroshka Kartoshka and indulge in different yummy fast foods. And if you like to eat healthily, then you should try the Prime for healthy but tasty foods.

You can wash down all the delicious delights with exotic cocktails. You can go to Russian Pub, a popular bar in the city with good vibes and amazing homemade cocktails. You can even chat with the ever-friendly bar chef and charm a personalized cocktail out of him. You can go with your friends to these cocktails tasting during happy hour.

To sample the variety of good food and drinks in Russia, you first need to find your way

there. Contact me to plan a memorable trip for you, your friends, or your family to Russia with

your accommodation, transport, and even meals taken care of. I may even share more of

the top great food places in Russia with you as a foodie myself.

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One of the things to get excited about while you travel is food. Every location is unique for its food and how they cook it. There’s always a story to tell from different foods you try. That’s why traveling is essential. You get to try out new things.

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