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Travel Tip: Take the Stress out of Travel

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Take the stress out of travel

Stress is one factor that can negatively affect a trip. It can make the preparation and the trip itself incredibly difficult. There are steps that travelers can take in order to actively prevent this from happening. A little travel planning can reduce the anxiety associated with vacationing. It doesn't matter the destination, or whether you are ocean cruising, river cruising, just lying on the beach for days (heaven!) or experiencing land-based guided tours.

These steps should be taken during the preparation and during the trip itself.

Tips For De-stressing: The Preparation

Set A Goal

Whether the point of this trip is to finalize a deal for work, to rejuvenate your mind and spirit, or to create an unforgettable experience for the family, you should understand this goal so that the proper steps can be taken to achieve it.

Proper Packing

Your packing process should be organized. You are going to want to create a list of the things that you need to bring, make sure to pack as lightly as possible and pack for the weather. Give yourself plenty of time because packing the day before is likely going to lead to some stressful situations.

Dressing Properly

It is also important to plan out what to wear on the day you are actually traveling. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by plane, boat, car, or train, you should dress in layers and comfortably so that if you are hot or cold, you can adapt.

Documentation and Information

Most of us keep all of our necessary travel documents and information on our phones, but it is a good idea to have a backup. You should have paper copies of everything just in case your phone is lost, broken, or stolen. It is never a bad idea to have a backup plan.

Reducing Stress During The Trip

Take Care Of Yourself

It is important to eat healthily, remain active, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep. This will allow you to be at your best throughout the trip. Just because you are on a trip doesn’t mean that you stop keeping yourself in tiptop shape.

Be Early

Being early to meetings, to catch your transportation, or to meet a tour guide is going to reduce a lot of stress and rushing. Knowing that you are early is going to create a sense of ease that is necessary.

Be Prepared For Curve Balls

Unexpected things are going to happen, and you should be prepared for those. It may seem like an oxymoron, but you should expect the unexpected.

When All Else Fails -- AND from the initial planning phase through the return home!

Personally, I find deep breathing and guided meditation to help any time I am feeling tense. There are great apps available on your smartphone for guided meditation. Deep inhalations are essential for calming the monkey mind and racing heart. Counting when breathing helps, too. Add a few stretches. You will feel amazing!

No trip is simple, but if the right steps are taken it can be done with ease. The proper preparation is going to set you up for success and the right decisions while traveling will allow you to achieve the goal of your trip. It isn’t hard to do but reducing stress does take effort and a little vigilance.

I will do my best to help alleviate any undue stress when we work together to plan your next adventure!

So tell me... Where would you like to go next?!

Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor

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