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The Stressed-Out Traveler's Guide to Really Relaxing on Vacation

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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The Stressed-Out Traveler's Guide to Really Relaxing on Vacation

Group getaways don’t have to be stressful!

Traveling is supposed to be fun and exciting. Here lies the irony; sometimes these trips can be quite stressful. Imagine the mental stress of going on a group getaway with your friends with their diverse personalities or a multi-generational family reunion with your ever-ready-to-argue cousin. From my experience, one way to enjoy your vacation is to make sure you take good care of yourself. Here are tips on how to strike a balance and enjoy your possibly stress-triggering vacation.

Step 1 — Be sure to use a travel advisor…

Firstly, use a travel advisor. While travel advisors may not actually take care of all travel-related stress such as family disputes, they relieve you of the stress of planning your trip’s logistics such as flights/airline tickets, hotel reservations, and developing a memorable group itinerary. 

A good travel advisor is always at your beck and call just in case something goes wrong during your vacation. Want to go on a weekend getaway with your girlfriends and you are confused about where to visit? A travel advisor in the know can assist you with that. Stress-relieving, isn’t it?

Step 2 — Carve out “me time”…

Also, while on a trip, especially with your group of friends, multi-generational family, or even a random group of strangers on a tour, you need to carve out your “me time”. Your “me time” is that alone time where you can find inner serenity before the hectic day starts. Your calm before the storm. This period of tranquility is much more preferable in the morning when it’s still quiet before it gets too busy. You can use this time for sober reflection or work out if you are the exercising type. You can also do your daily workout, yoga practice, or light stretching in your hotel room or at the gym. Or go out for a quick run. Try not to go to bed late so your mornings are not rushed and you can have enough time for yourself. These periods are so relaxing and their stress-alleviating powers cannot be overemphasized.

You don’t have to stay clustered with everyone at all times simply because you are on a group trip, otherwise, you would find yourself resenting what is supposed to be an enjoyable bonding experience with your loved ones. You can create time for yourself to enjoy those activities that are important and interesting to you and then enjoy your planned group activities.

Step 3 — Create time for rest…

Though traveling with a group of people may be quite challenging, that’s not the only stress-inducing factor during a trip. If your itinerary is too jam-packed, you may end up being stressed instead of having fun. You can take a break every now and then from all those activities to avoid burnout. Make sure you create time to rest. You can go sightseeing or just take a relaxing nap. Remember you don’t have to see all the sights or participate in every activity, you should learn to prioritize so that your vacation doesn’t end up as stressful as your work!

In conclusion, don’t fret over the little things. Why not let your travel advisor worry over those things while you focus on having a memorable and thrilling experience on your vacation. You can save yourself the stress. Also, try to lay off the tech. 

Remember the reason for your vacation in the first place and try not to be too engrossed in your work-related activities during it. Learn to soak in all the feels and excitement of your vacation. Take pictures of the sights you see, the fascinating animals you meet, the locals you make friends with, and the delicious cuisine you enjoy. You should make sure you take a journal on a vacation where you can write all the exciting stuff so as to relive the moment over and over again. Who says a vacation has to be stressful and tiring?

Contact me for more information and let’s plan your next group trip together without stress!

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