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Which Airline Has the Best Onboard Meals?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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Which Airline Has the Best Onboard Meals?

Traveling is one of the best things about life The food, the new places, the new relationships you make, and of course, the beautiful pictures you get to take.

Plane rides are exhilarating because it’s the window between you and your next destination.

But what makes is better is the food. Onboard meals can go two ways awful and super tasty. I don’t know about you, but it annoys me when I get on a plane, and they serve me regular food. I feel cheated when it happens.

So, to give you a heads up, here are five airlines with the best onboard meals;

Austrian Airlines

On an Austrian Airlines flight, there are nine unique menus available for passengers, which include breakfast, breakfast warm, bento box, tapas, kid’s menu, Caesar salad, and Schnitzel. You can also order from 14 different special meals, including Gluten-Free and Low Calorie. You can change or cancel your order 24 hours before the flight departure.

Emirates Airlines

Their meals are included in the price of your ticket. Breakfast offers two different options depending on the length of your journey. For special occasions, you can pre-order Moët et Chandon Brut Impérial with a vanilla cake or chocolate lovers’ cake. They offer food inspired by different destinations and have an onboard lounge. I think Emirates Airlines has to be the most amazing in terms of food and drinks.

Singapore Airlines

This is another airline that serves tasty meals from all around the world. Long haul economy class customers will enjoy hot towels, printed menus, and two to three meal choices at mealtimes. The beverages include red and/or white wine, Singapore Slings, whiskey, cognac, gin, vodka, liqueurs, beer, soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. They make sure that they take care of everyone, no matter the dietary restrictions. You just need to give them 24-hour notice to order.

Turkish Airlines

The budget for the meals is always added to the ticket fee. Everyone on the plane, no matter the length of the journey, gets served the same way. People on short flights still get served a substantial snack and drink. And there are about 44 different meals on the menu.

The beverages served are whiskey, gin, vodka, raki, various Turkish and international red and white wines and bottled beer, homemade lemonade with fresh mint, Coke products, tea, and coffee.

The airline also takes into consideration the individual needs and special dietary requirements of its passengers,

Lufthansa Airline

Lufthansa sits on top when it comes to being customer-friendly. The price of their meals is added to the ticket fees. They take serious thought regarding their meals. Their snacks come from different brands giving you a surprise each time you try them.

They’ll tell you what’s on the menu before you fly. Your special requests should be made 24 hours before you fly to give them a heads up. Premium Economy and Economy class passengers can pay to upgrade their inflight meal.

So, which has the best on-flight Meals?

The competition is fierce among the 5 airlines listed because they are all trying to win your approval! No matter what the airline, you should make the best out of any flight you’re on by placing a special order, especially for longer flights...

What has been your experience? Any airlines you absolutely LOVE because of the food? Any airlines you refuse to eat the meals they provide, and you bring your own?

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