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Your Guide to Virtuoso Wanderlist: What It Is + How To Use It To Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

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Your Guide to Virtuoso Wanderlist: What It Is + How To Use It To Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

Create travel wish lists, browse thousands of unique travel experiences, and discover some of the world's best hotels, cruises, and experiences.

A recent study by the Institute for Applied Positive Research found that 97% of those surveyed reported that having a trip planned for the near future makes them happier.

Whether it's the anticipation of a new adventure, the joy of spending time with loved ones, or simply the thrill of dreaming about the future, planning travel seems to have a mood-boosting factor that urges us to keep moving forward no matter what challenges we're facing.

Virtuoso Wanderlist is an interactive tool that lets travelers create travel wish lists of destinations and experiences worldwide.

Why Wanderlist?

This unique platform lets users curate travel dreams in one place and encourages list sharing with friends, family, and your travel advisor. And when you're ready to make your lists come to life, your travel advisor can access them to help you plan your next great adventure.

How Does It Work?

The platform is built around three key concepts: Explore, Dream, and Share.

Explore: Use Wanderlist to explore new travel ideas. Maybe you've seen the highlights of Rome a time or two…but have you made truffle pasta in Umbria? Flown in a helicopter over Mt. Etna…en route to an exclusive winery?

Wanderlist helps you find experiences of a lifetime you didn't even know existed!

Dream: Collect your travel ideas by making lists on the Wanderlust platform. Want to make a list of epic foodie tours around the world? Go ahead! Or how about a collection of castle hotels in Ireland? You do you! And when you're ready to take your travel lists from dream to reality, just contact your travel advisor–they'll take it from there!

Share: Invite friends and family to see and contribute to your lists. Trying to plan a family vacation? Use Wanderlist to swap ideas with everyone in the group. Dreaming about your honeymoon? Share your lists with your future spouse to get on the same page about your trip.

How Can I Make My Own Wanderlist?

Visit the Cultivating Connections Travel Planners exclusive Wanderlist link HERE.

Are you ready to make your travel dreams come true? Book a complimentary call with us today!

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