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How Would You Like to Create Raving Fans and Lifelong Memories with this INCREDIBLE Bundle?

Group leaders and business owners, take your passions out of the classroom, the workspace, the coffee shop—and into the big, wide world they sprang from!   I work to craft group journeys that bring your followers together on a passion-driven deep dive. Let me design a trip that turns your group members into thick-as-thieves friends, or your clients into your biggest fans.  


Want to learn more about destinations that light up your imagination?  All you have to do is pack your bags!   Build your group trip around a specific theme—like wine and food, yoga, literature, or even iconic films—so you can explore what you really care about. Most importantly, you’ll get to connect with other like-minded travelers who geek out over the same stuff you do! Your most treasured souvenir from a group trip? Strong bonds with new friends who really “get it."

I would love to help you create your very own affinity group trip! 


Click below to get your very own copy of my Raving Fans Bundle for only $24.95 - a $560 value.

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