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An Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

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An Attitude of Gratitude

I totally “get it”! This was not the Easter or Passover holiday that you are used to. Families were unable to go to services in their spring finest and, instead, attended virtual religious services online. The Easter Bunny still found most families with young children, but the baskets were possibly not quite as overflowing and egg hunts were in your own backyard. Seder dinner tables were set – sometimes for only one or two people. But, you know what? It’s all perfect. We are doing what we need to be doing right now. And we are fortunate to have that option. It’s easy to get caught up in everything that couldn’t happen, but today I want us to take the day to be grateful for what IS happening all around us. Grateful for all of those now-famous “essential workers” who are out there keeping us safe, healthy, and stocked up.

I am grateful for the entire medical community.

Of course, Doctors and Nurses, but also all of the Allied Health professionals, Custodial workers who keep hospital rooms clean and disinfected, hospital management teams, IT workers who keep the charting & computers online, EMTs, ambulance drivers, cafeteria workers….I could go on and on!

I am grateful for the grocery/drug store workers.

And that includes actual store workers AND delivery drivers who keep our stores stocked to the best of their abilities, risk their own health to serve us as consumers, and probably put up with more crappy behavior than they should. Give them grace! And maybe a smile.

I am grateful for the delivery services.

USPS, UPS, Amazon, FedEx & DHL drivers are working overtime. The folks in the warehouses are busting their tushes to ensure that we all receive whatever we have ordered today, whether it be a necessity or a luxury. And, of course, the Door Dash, GrubHub, PostMates, UberEats, Shipt, and Instacart drivers who deliver food to our front door when we get too burned out to make it ourselves – or want to support local restaurants during this crazy time.

Speaking of restaurants

I am grateful that I can still enjoy my favorite fast food and restaurant cuisine just by ordering, paying, and showing up! The local restaurant communities are totally showing up for us and we should support them by ordering take-out whenever possible. Even the large chain restaurants employ local people, so don’t completely boycott them!

I am grateful for the local utility workers

Workers who pick up my garbage on schedule, keep my internet signal strong so I can work from home, and ensure that we are hunkered down in comfortable homes with gas, electricity & cable TV.

I am grateful for all the “helpers”

Helpers who are shopping for friends who aren’t comfortable leaving their homes, sewing masks, mowing neighbors’ lawns, sending a positive Facebook message, picking up the phone, and just generally caring. If anything good comes of this whole situation, I hope that we will value kindness in our society more.

Finally, I am grateful for YOU!

While we are obviously not able to travel right now, this too shall pass. And, I’m grateful for this community I have built of travel prospects, clients, and friends who all share the dream of exploring the world as soon as it is safe again. And it will be. Your patience, support, and flexibility have truly been a blessing during this very trying time in my entrepreneurial journey and I thank you all!

Please schedule a time for us to talk about your future travel plans! Email me at or call me directly at 405.310.7588. Because travel WILL be back!

When you are ready...

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