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Be an Armchair Traveler and Keep Dreaming!

I hope you and your loves are tucked safe at home, dreaming of your next adventure to come soon. And if you're among the essential workers still out in the field, I thank you for your dedication!

This week, explore the world through a new lens — a camera lens! Although your travel plans may be on a short pause, you can continue to stay inspired on a virtual journey around the world, all from the comfort of your home. This week, we invite you to discover some of the world's most photogenic destinations, from Russia to Australia.

Earmark these destinations for future travels, and when you're ready to make travel plans, call me at 405-310-7588 and I will help you reserve that future journey. WHEN YOU ARE READY.

Peterhof Grand Palace affinity groups travel advisor covid-19
Marvel at the Peterhof Grand Palace, known as the "Russian Versailles"

Plan to snap a selfie in front of the Peterhof Grand Palace, especially its 150 fountains, at this UNESCO-listed site built by Peter the Great.

Norway fjords affinity group travel advisor covid-19
Take a voyage through the northern fjords

Journey to find awe in Norwegian beauty. In the summer, plan to enjoy shooting pictures in 24-hours of sunlight — or in the winter, if lucky, a long exposure of the Northern Lights!

Heidelberg affinity groups travel advisor covid-19
Indulge your senses in the German town of Heidelberg

Plan to explore and snap your way through Heidelberg, a red-roofed town on the Neckar River that is home to a picturesque castle, historic Old Town, and Germany's oldest university.

Christmas Markets Bavaria Passau Germany affinity groups travel advisor covid-19
Embrace Bavaria at the "City on Three Rivers

It's tough to take a bad shot when Baroque splendor awaits you in picturesque Passau, especially during its festive Christmas markets.

Great Barrier Reef honu Australia affinity group travel advisor covid-19
Explore where the coral meets the open sea: The Outer Great Barrier Reef

Now is the perfect time to invest in an underwater action camera. With options to swim, snorkel, and view marine life, plan to visit one of the most beautiful — and natural — UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.

(Inspired by Vantage Travel)

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