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How to plan the perfect vacation for your tribe…

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planning Erin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor
Planning the perfect vacation for your tribe

“That moment when you’re on vacation and life is wonderful, everyone is happy and all your stress has dissolved. Lie back….and think of your travel advisor”

Planning can make the difference between a nightmare and a perfect vacation. No one wants a horror-filled trip and that’s why it is suggested to get a travel advisor. Travel advisors are evolved versions of travel agents; they are well-traveled and have contacts and resources in the industry to make the perfect recommendation for travelers. Here are several benefits of planning a vacation for your tribe using a travel advisor.

Natural disasters are making travel more difficult

Natural disasters and system failures overwhelm suppliers. However, good travel advisors have access and knowledge to help speed your re-accommodation. We also act as your advocate when travel issues arise. Travel advisors can help change the date or destination completely when they know the weather is unfavorable. Cruises and air options can be held and confirmation of hotels before booking a non-refundable reservation in some cases.

Vacation time is more valuable

At CCTP, I help you achieve the vacation of your dreams as I listen, suggest, adjust, understand, and become a companion. I am not just a search engine; I do the actual work.

Travel advisors add a human element

We do not treat you like a number. We are invested in our client’s happiness and satisfaction; every trip has to be packed with lifelong memories. We answer the phone and respond to your emails no matter what part of the planet you are visiting. We are here solely to assist you.

Growth of multi-generational and affinity group travel

These types of travel are high in demand: Families and groups will do anything to have a successful vacation together. Everyone knows planning a trip with several people is challenging but with a travel advisor, you have the perfect middleman who provides assistance to help you plan the perfect vacation.

The world is changing, and travel advisors are on the ground experiencing it 

Can Americans travel to Cuba? Has the Caribbean recovered from the last hurricane? Travel advisors don’t sell destinations alone, they discover, research, and oftentimes experience the destinations they offer repeatedly. If they have not yet traveled there, no problem! We have the resources and connections to share the breakdown with their customers. This helps you understand the dynamics of the destination before embarking on it. That way, you can look before you leap.

Save time and stress

Planning a trip is stressful. Travel advisors have often been to the destinations (or have the connections) and know every little detail, this way you save time and stress in getting valuable information. I specialize in affinity group travel and am a certified accessible travel advocate. With my skills and knowledge, you just have to dream about your destination and not worry. I am committed to giving you the perfect vacation you deserve.

Deliver more value

At CCTP, I deliver value greater than the fee attached. I ensure you get value for every penny you spend. I am an independent affiliate of Gifted Travel Network, a Virtuoso member agency. Therefore, I have access to Virtuoso amenities! Also, as your travel advisor and your friend, I highly recommend travel insurance to protect travelers. Travel insurance is a must as most of us can’t afford to lose our vacation investment, medical emergencies overseas can be really expensive and you don’t want minor mishaps to ruin your trip.

Reassurance of travelers

In times of uncertainty; natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, fuel shortages, visa suspensions, and global pandemics, travelers get anxious. Good travel advisors have the responsibility to re-assure and help their clients to make the best choices.

What are you waiting for exactly? Why not contact Cultivating Connections Travel Planners TODAY to plan the perfect trip for your tribe?

food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planningErin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor


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food lovers foodies culinary travel culinary focused wine lovers distillery trail brewery tours travel planningErin Smith ~ Affinity Group Travel Advisor

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