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Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n' sniff your way to paradise...

natural wonders, Hawaiian culture,  ocean, volcanoes, jungles, mountains, beaches, islands, native birds, waterfalls to behold here; Kahuna Falls (100 feet), Akaka Falls (442 feet), and the monstrous Hiilawe Falls (1450 feet).  hula dancing, outrigger canoeing, and surfing come alive.  spiritual experience, beautiful hiking trails, craters, rainforest, and calderas while Kilaue,  tropical landscape. Islands of Hawaii: Akaka Falls State Park, Volcanoes National Park, Waikiki

Explore The Nature Of Hawaii

Let’s be real, if you haven’t been to Hawaii, it is definitely on the list of places that you want to visit. Walking along a perfect Hawaiian beach at sunset and enjoying one of those little drinks with the umbrellas in it sounds perfect (whether you have been there before or not). The Hawaiian Islands are a nature lover’s paradise.

Some Natural Wonders You Have To See

Hawaii has stunning natural wonders that exemplify what fire and water can create when left to work their magic over thousands of years. Hawaiian culture is also a reflection of the importance of the ocean and volcanoes to the people. Jungles, mountains, volcanoes, oceans, and beaches are all rolled into one on the islands of Hawaii.

Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls State Park gives visitors the feel of an ancient jungle as they make their way through the ferns and bamboo groves. The sounds of the native birds and rushing water become the soundtrack of this land. There are 3 amazing waterfalls to behold here; Kahuna Falls (100 feet), Akaka Falls (442 feet), and the monstrous Hiilawe Falls (1450 feet). You can get wonderfully lost in a place like this.


Waikiki is a place that was considered to be sacred ground and was commonly visited by Hawaiian royalty in the past. It is now a place where visitors can get a feel for the local culture of Hawaii. This is a place where hula dancing, outrigger canoeing, and surfing come alive.

Many see surfing, hula dancing, and outrigger racing as fun activities to do and watch, but Hawaiians see them as spiritual experiences centered around their love and admiration for the ocean. Surfing was actually once known as the “sport of Kings” and only Hawaiian kings were allowed to do it. Hula was created as a visual representation of ancient Hawaiian folklore. Outrigger canoes were first used in this part of the world around 200 AD and they were the way in which native Hawaiians were able to travel around the island.

Volcanoes National Park

This amazing park contains 150 miles of beautiful hiking trails that transverse craters, rainforest, and calderas while Kilauea sits ominously overlooking this tropical landscape. Hawaii is famous for its volcanoes and Kilauea is one of the most well-known volcanoes in the world. This sacred volcano is believed, by native Hawaiians, to be the home of Pele (the volcano goddess).

There is so much to see in Hawaii. The beaches are perfect, the volcanoes are powerful, and the landscape is enthralling. You are not going to find a lack of things to do and places to go in order to experience the beauty of Hawaii. Hawaii is a place where the ocean and volcanoes have not only shaped the landscape but also the native culture and beliefs.

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