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15 Things To Do On Your Travels After The Kids Leave Home

Updated: Jan 26

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15 Things To Do On Your Travels After The Kids Leave Home

It’s hard not to feel an emptiness when your kids have flown the coop, leaving you staring at four walls day and night. You might be lost, wondering what to do with all that free time that was always taken up with cleaning up after kids and messy teenagers.

One thing that you can do is take that vacation that you always wanted. Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, there is a whole world out there for you to explore.

With a world of so many possibilities, it is not unusual to feel slightly lost as to what to do on your vacation.

So, what can you do while you are on your travels? Where are the best places to go? What activities are available for people who might be wary of a party scene? Which activities cater to thrill seekers and which ones cater to casual travelers?

Well, we have 15 ideas that might help you decide on the kind of vacation you want to take.

15 Great Traveling Ideas For After The Kids Leave Home

1. A Walking Tour Of A City

The best way to get to know a new city is by taking a walking tour from someone who knows the city very well. The first thing you should plan to do after landing in a new city is to have a prescheduled ‘walking tour’ to orient yourself to the city that you’re in.

2. Take The Bus, The Tube, Or The Barge

There’s another way of finding your way around a city… get to know the public transportation routes. Don’t worry about getting lost, with your trusty Google maps in your pocket, that won’t happen.

Taking the bus, you can get chatting with the driver who will know a lot of the local off-the-beaten-track places and great night spots.

3. Take A Walk

If you don’t mind straying down cities and side streets, then we would suggest that you take a long walk as soon as you have dropped your things off. This is another fantastic way to get to know a new place. A hint? Talk to the concierge at your hotel about sites within walking distance.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Touristy Bits

Although experienced travelers wax lyrical about finding places that are not in the guidebook, there is no harm in going to the big tourist hotspots.

Sometimes you might find something completely new here or you might bump into someone who does know of a decent bar, café, or restaurant.

5. Find A High Point

We don’t mean this in an emotional sense (although we know that the purpose of vacationing is to find emotional high points), we mean literally find the highest point that you can in the area you’re staying in.

A place where you can look out over the city or town and really take it all in. This will allow you a few hours of reflection and planning on what you are going to do. Not to mention exercise!

6. Go Find A Quiet District

Often in a city center, you will be overwhelmed by all the noise and people. So why not take yourself out of the rat race and find somewhere outside of the city that might have a few cool cafes and bars but none of the hustle and bustle?

Here you can enjoy a quiet coffee, a glass of wine or beer, or a sandwich to relax and read a good book.

Erin Smith, travel advisor, Cultivating Connections Travel Planners, group travel, empty nester travel
Grab Your Guidebook and Get OUT of Your Hotel Room!

7. Seek Out Some Locals

Locals are always the best source of knowledge. They know the who's, what's, where's, and how's. They know the people to direct you to, and places and events that won’t be listed in the guidebook. If you want to find a local festival or pop-up nightclub, just ask someone!

8. Eat Traditional Meals

If you are in a city or region, then one of the things you must do is sample some of the local cuisines. There is food and drink that is only made in certain places, so eating an authentic crepe or a tortilla might literally be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can learn so much about a culture through its local cuisines!

9. Sample The Regional Desserts

This is kind of a continuation of what we have written above. There are some desserts that you simply will not find anywhere else in the world, so why not try them while you are there?

Whether it is cranachan from Scotland, Sachertorte from Vienna, or chimney cake from Hungary, you can probably find a sweet treat that is particular to wherever you are visiting.

10. Keep To The Heart Of The City

The middle of the city is where all the action is happening, from the hippest bars to the most refined of restaurants. If you like a vacation brimming with excitement and surprises and you thrive on happy chaos, then stay in the city center.

11. Visit A Library

You might not think that this is the most exciting place to visit on your vacation, but maybe that’s because you’ve got a narrow perception of what a library should be. There are some famous European libraries with architecture you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

12. Get Some Breakfast

Finding breakfast at a local café is a unique experience, helping you blend in with the locals and giving you some respite the morning after a late night out.

13. Look Up A Music Venue

If live music is your thing, then try to find an authentic local music venue. Again, ask your concierge. They are truly a fountain of knowledge! These venues are different wherever you go. It could be a pub down the street if you are in Ireland or the UK. The magic of choral music at a basilica in Europe is indescribable. Or if you are vacationing in New Orleans, a place famous for its jazz, locate a jazz club.

14. Buy Some Local Souvenirs

You’ll want to take home some of the magic that you’ve experienced on your vacations. You can also bring home some unique and interesting presents to send the kids! I'm a sucker for Christmas ornaments and/or local delicacies, and always bring these home to share with the family.

15. Go Grocery Shopping

If you are going somewhere exotic like Asia, then the food market will be completely different from those back home. It is a cultural experience not to be missed.

We hope that our tips have gotten you excited about your next trip abroad. And these are just a handful of ideas, there’s so much more you can do! So grab your guidebook and get out of your hotel!

To find out more, check out my homepage HERE.

Or you can just give me a call at 405.310.7588.

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