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When Is The Best Month To Visit Tuscany? [Planning Your Luxury Vacation]

Updated: Jan 26

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When Is The Best Month To Visit Tuscany?

Now that you’ve packed the kids off to university, you might have a lot of spare time on your hands. A great way to fill those new gaps in your calendar is with a great holiday. And where better to go than one of the most stunning places in Central Italy: Tuscany!

Tuscany is known for so many things: rustic cuisine, boutique villages, historical landmarks, stunning vistas, artistic ingenuity, breathtaking sunsets, and some of the nicest locals you’ll ever meet.

But when is the best time of year to go to experience Tuscany in the very best light (literally)?

Well, we’ve made our own Tuscany calendar that will outline when the best time of year is to go.

We have a breakdown of the climate and how it changes throughout the year, as well as a list of festivals and what time of the year they happen so that you can coincide your vacation with a one-off cultural event.

When Is Tuscany At Its Warmest?

Tuscany usually begins its warmest period during April, which then carries on through August. One of the best things about this region is that it is as nice during the spring as it is during the summer.

The temperature during the spring ranges between 62 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the summertime peak, it will get as warm as 88 degrees, which is great for anyone whose idea of a great holiday is relaxing by the pool, and working on their tan.

If you enjoy a lush and green view, then the best time of year to visit is between June and August. This is when the flowers will bloom in the fields and there will be ripe fruit appearing on the trees.

Can I Visit Tuscany During The Colder Seasons?

Yes, there are plenty of reasons why you should still visit Tuscany during the later and earlier parts of the year when the temperature gets cooler. The temperatures around this time can drop to anything between 48 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

The good thing about Tuscany during these months is that there aren’t many tourists and seasonal markets start appearing, which is a great time to sample some artisanal foods and drinks as well as local crafts.

The only obstacle you might find during the winter months is the fact that a lot of resorts close during the off-season. You might be limited in choice during these times, although there are some resorts that stay open all year round.

You could also visit Tuscany if you are staying in Florence, one of the larger cities around 2 hours away from Tuscany. There are plenty of Christmas markets that open in Florence during this season too, so it might be worth the commute if you are staying in Tuscany.

During the months of October through to November, it is truffle season, which is an event that is celebrated all across Italy. You can usually find farm-grown truffles as well as truffle oil, which is a huge delicacy across the world.

Now that we’ve covered the best times to visit Tuscany, we’ll go a little more in-depth regarding daylight hours and some of the events that feature at various times of the year.

Tuscany During The Spring

Length of daylight: 12 hours in April, 15 hours by the end of May.

Maximum temperature: 66 degrees in April, 75 degrees by end of May.

During the beginning of the spring, you might experience some snow, although this is a rare phenomenon in Tuscany. Generally, the evenings are balmy and dry, increasing in heat as the months go by.

During the spring there is Holy Week and Easter celebrations, while May marks the beginning of a lot of the summer festivals.

Tuscany, Italy, travel advisor, Erin Smith, Cultivating Connections Travel Planners, empty nester, luxury travel, Oklahoma
Festivals in Tuscany


Pirate Night at Port Ercole – This is where the town transforms, celebrating its pirate heritage with costumes and pirate-themed festivities.

Terriccola Strawberry Festival – This is an annual event that draws in hundreds of tourists every year in a two-weekend celebration of one of the most famous fruits in the region: the strawberry.

Tuscany During The Summer

Length Of Daylight: 15 hours of daylight.

Maximum temperature: 88 degrees.

This is the time of the year when Tuscany reaches its hottest, so make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and sun hats to keep yourself from burning. A lot of the locals will be on holiday, but the region will be at peak tourist visitation during this time.


Palio Horse Race – This is an annual horse race where ten horse riders ride their horses bareback dressed in the colors of their local district, all competing to represent their particular city ward.

Bolgheri Wine Festival – This region is renowned for its wines and is the home of the World Wine Town, created by the entrepreneur Franco Malenotti.

Tuscany During The Winter

Length Of Daylight: 12 hours during September, 9 hours by end of December.

Maximum Temperature: 48 degrees at the beginning of September, 54 degrees by the end of December.

This might not be the time of year that most people visit Tuscany, but you can be sure there will be plenty to see. Tuscany has been known to experience snow during this period, which really adds that extra charm and mystery to the rustic towns.


Christmas markets – this is when the local artisans sell seasonal foods and drinks as well as arts and crafts.

Carnival – a world-famous Christian festival that takes place before Lent. This is known as a time when people indulge in eating and drinking before the Lent restrictions occur.

There are also food fights, grotesque costume displays, and performances of satirical plays mocking authority figures.

As you can see, there really is something to do in Tuscany all year round. If you want a luxury holiday that is a little different from the traditional Italian vacation, then visit this region during the winter season where there is plenty of food, drink, and local events and performances.

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